Liqui moly marine antikalk 5 l.

Liqui moly marine antikalk 5 l.
Marine Antikalk er en vandig opløsning med uorganisk syre. Det fjerner
alle kalkaflejringer, mens materialet beskyttes i hele det eksterne
kølekredsløb og beskytter mod korrosion.
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Even on boats, an intake cooling system protects the engine from
overheating and ensures the operating temperature remains consistently
stable. The cooling principle for boats is relatively simple: water is sucked
in, runs through the cooling circuit and past a heat exchanger which is
responsible for cooling the interior and the engine, and is subsequently
discharged again. This process dissipates the heat.
Marine Antikalk is an aqueous solution with inorganic acid. It removes
all limescale deposits while protecting the material in the entire external
cooling circuit and protects against corrosion. A lime-free cooling system
ensures optimum cooling and increases operational reliability at sea. The
efficiency of the engine is also increased, which in turn protects the environment.
Add Marine Antikalk via the intake area of the external cooling circuit. The red
coloring makes it easy to recognize at the outlet when the entire cooling system
is filled with Marine Antikalk. After allowing to take affect for 30 – 60 minutes, drain
and flush out with water. For winter storage, we recommend safe preservation with
Marine Antifreeze.